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when you come back, i won't be here... - You can't tell me what to do...
...it's my prerogative
when you come back, i won't be here...
Whaddup bitches? O:-)

So everybody...what to say about the recent months of my life? They've been, well, they've been excellent. Most notably, the addition of the Backstreet Boys in my life. April 10th? I saw them live. Oh my! What a glorious day, if I've ever had one! Then their CD coming out on June 14th? It don't get much better than that. *sigh*

But it does get better. On June 22nd (O:-)) I TALKED TO MY LOVE. I say love like it's my job, throwing that word around so freely is quite silly but hey -- it made me happy. 6/22 never fails, bitches.

Oh yeah, I saw Rob Thomas in April too! It was free. He's hot. He made fun of me. How many people can say that? Not a one but me!

But right now, I must go. I'm at Shannon's! Her lover is perfection. He bought us T. Bell. <333 Anyway, I'm going to Vegas on Thursday baby! And also, I'm going to LA :D and I cannot fuckin' (and y'all know it's not like me to say such obscenities) wait. And ummm...I'm like, campin' out at the Grand Canyon next weekend and I can't wait. :D YEAH NIGGA. I mean...YAY!


Mood: drunk drunk
Jams: Backstreet Boys - "Siberia"

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