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it's not about sex, it's all about the vibe and the mix - You can't tell me what to do...
...it's my prerogative
it's not about sex, it's all about the vibe and the mix
Ah so much emotions flowin' through my veins right now. More on that later...I think I have happy things to say!

I just got finished watching "Hitch" with my mom and well...what can I say? I loved it. I feel like I can really relate to homeboy in the movie. Blah, I cried. :p But lately I've been noticing no matter what movie I see, I end up crying. It's a bit silly if you ask me. "The Little Mermaid," which I've watched like 30 times in the past 2 weeks is definitely a tear-jerker. *stifling tears just thinking about it*

So yes...I have arrived in Utah. My plane flew into Vegas Thursday night and I have to admit...it was quite a scary flight! Y'all know (or you should know) I have a fear of flying so it didn't help that there were thunderstorms in St. Louis when I left :p But I will admit, once I got in the air, and all the lights on the plane were off, I was lookin' out the window, watching the lightning light up the sky, and it was like...beautiful. That sounds silly, but it really was. It's a very spiritual moment for me! But it kinda pissed me off...our pilot, which I later found out is supposedly this "big shot" kinda guy, kept making these unnecessary turns and went sideways, and ugh, not necessary. But I landed safe and sound, so here I am today!

So, as of right now, Sunday at 12:42, I will be in LA in exactly 5 days. Thursday is the day I've been waitin' all my life for (?) Perhaps not all my life, but definitely a lot recently. I mean, it's L freakin' A baby. *sigh* I cannot wait. I just cannot wait.

Now I must go. I have instant messages to attend to and I'm just one little person and I can't do everything at once. :(

AND MANDY! Welcome baaaaaaack. Unfortunately my internet is temporary but if we're meant to be friends like I'm pretty damn sure we are, we'll make it through the lack of communication. <333 great to have you back, my oh. MY oh. No one else's. <3

Mood: gloomy gloomy
Jams: Backstreet Boys - "Set It Off"

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originalxdoll From: originalxdoll Date: July 6th, 2005 11:01 pm (UTC) (Link)
i love staying up with you too. stop crying <3
so vegas is this weekend. are you pumped yet?
and another thing: i think we may be going to destin, but the hurricane is heading right for it. after it hits the dominican and stuff which is where nate will be in 3 days. awesome. i hope he'll be okay though.
but anyway...i heartchu.
1 did somethin' ~ why don'tcha do somethin'?