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you flooded all my empty space... - You can't tell me what to do...
...it's my prerogative
you flooded all my empty space...
Ah, so I promised myself I would update this silly thing before I left on Thursday. So ah, here is the entry. Perhaps my last entry for awhile, so enjoy it biatches.

So I'm going to LA on Friday. I leave Thursday night, I'll be in Vegas then, then early Friday morning I'll arrive in LA. It's like one of my dreams coming true. And you know who I best meet? Britney. Damn straight. And if I see Nicole, I'll hand her a cheeseburger. If I see Lindsay, I will throw a cheeseburger at her and tell her to shove it up her ass because she ate my dog. :(

ANYWHO! So all I've accomplished today is waking up and eating Chef Boyardee and Doritos. I'm so lazy today. My step-brother Robbie and his girlfriend flew into Vegas from Florida this past weekend and they came down here (Utah) to stay for a couple of days.

So I suppose I should talk about my trip to the Grand Canyon. Well, y'all have seen it before, I assume and that's about there was all to see. It was indeed breathtaking, but after you see it, you've seen it. I don't understand why I saw people from Japan, Canada and Florida there, but hey - whatever floats their boat.

Ummm...yeah, see this entry is pointless and retarded. Ignore it, :p

Mood: silly silly
Jams: Backstreet Boys - "Rush Over Me"

2 did somethin' ~ why don'tcha do somethin'?
From: passthatversace Date: July 12th, 2005 05:08 am (UTC) (Link)
1) We're hotties.
2) I'm almost jealous...but I have Chicago so I can't really be :p I'm sure you'll have an AMAZING time and LMFAO @ the Nicole (WE LIKED HER PRE-ANOREXIA AND SHIT) and Loho comments. Classic.
3) You're like from LA. Not really but it adds something aura essence (?) I fucked that up for sure.
5) I loved your story about the Can.
6) I LOVE YOU NIGGA!!!!!!!!! NIGLUVS. Let me know if God speaks to you again :D
lowg From: lowg Date: July 12th, 2005 05:30 am (UTC) (Link)
1) We're superior to everyone and well, I wouldn't have it any other way.
2) You shouldn't be jealous. Even though I'm going to LA, I'm almost jealous that I can't be in Chicago. 2a) YOU KNOW IT. WE THE OGs, MANDY. WE ARE ORIGINAL IN EVERY POSSIBLE WAY. Yeah nigga.
3) <33333333 JUST <3333333333. You just rushed all sorts of memories through my veins. They're sizzlin' now! Common <3
4) UMMM FOUR CHEESE. <3 They were grand!
5) What can I say? I'm a great story teller. I'm like an Indian, now hear me roar!
6) NIGLUVS SKILLET. <3333 God tells me all sorts of secrets about you. I know what you did last night. (?) HEEHEE.
2 did somethin' ~ why don'tcha do somethin'?