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WOO!! - You can't tell me what to do...
...it's my prerogative
So I definitely said the last entry of mine was well, the last. :p Well bitches, that's not the case. You see, I made those irrational statements when I was going home to no-internet-land, but look at me now! This bitch is back up and runnin' ARE YOU LOVIN' IT? badabababaaa.

Anywhore! So actually...not much has happened since I left my mother's house. I've had some crazy nights which I'm still regretting, so let's not think about the past. Actually - there is something in the past that I wanna focus on: I GOT A NEW FREAKIN' FRIDGE. Oh you guys, it's SO dope, you don't even know! It's all stainless silver and woooo. I love it. It's got a special spot on the door for the milk. How freakin' cool. So yeah yeah, I'm getting excited over a fridge. WELL! I had a stupid mini fridge as our main fridge (it's my bedroom now, teehee!) for like, 6 months. Change is good, baby.

Okay so yeah...now that I have the internet, things are gonna be different. Change gon' come. Actually, I can't even guarantee I'll keep this, but I have pictures to post later...MAYBE. I shall return.

Mood: calm calm
Jams: Death Cab for Cutie - "Crooked Teeth"

1 did somethin' ~ why don'tcha do somethin'?
brandyx From: brandyx Date: January 15th, 2006 07:04 pm (UTC) (Link)
Its brokenn2..ive changed journals <3 Add me!? <3
1 did somethin' ~ why don'tcha do somethin'?