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You can't tell me what to do...
...it's my prerogative

So there's that Ashlee petition going around, to get her to quit music. I thought I'd post some of the replies:


"Who ever told this chubby woman that she was hot? Not only is she without talent, but her acting blows and she looks like Mr. Potato with a pair of cut off parachute pants." - Ben J.

"Hey Ash! Me love you long time! You sound just like me!" - William Hung

"She made all the feathers fall off my parakeet!" - Mandy

"Try porn! Or...just shut up and make me a sandwich!" - Talbert

"Step into the 'cone-zone' and keep cool my babies. Oh, and Ashlee sucks!" - Conan O'Brian

"Please, for the love of God, own up to your suckiness. And your hair is ugly." - Lauren G

Enjoy folks.

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This entry is gonna be pointless and bubble filled. I'm not drunk, but I am bored.

So okay, I'm babysitting this stupid 5 year old (Reise -- she's so stupid. She's got a fake cell phone, and she's always like "Sorry! Signal faded, call lost.") and she's so super-annoying. If she doesn't have her fake cell phone with her, she'll use a tin can of mints. Yes, mint tin. Hate her. The 1 year old though, (Knox) is a hell of a pimp though. I can see it. His first words will be Kanye, Mandy and I decided.

Nigga, tell him I'm your main event.

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My Christmas plans kinda got screwed up due to bad road conditions in like, Indiana but it's cool. I'm going to my aunt's house today to open presents, if I have any. Oddly enough, while I'm usually looking forward to mama's gifts, this year it's my brother's I'm looking forward to. Woo! Levi rules (I'll never say that again, by the way).

Oh yeah, and right now, my dad, the jail-bird is complaining about music. He says he hates it because I always play it. Pfft, maybe he was a good dad, I wouldn't have to listen to so much music. (?) Music is my life, yo. He said he'd rather choke than hear Ashanti. I said "Go choke then." AND DON'T FUCK WITH ME RIGHT NOW. I'M NOT EMOTIONALLY STABLE. OMG. *thinks about happyness and Christmas*


I heard Missy Elliot eat one cracker a day.

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Ah...what a post that was...or not. But um...thanks for all the replies and what not. You know that shit's appreciate. Mandy, nigluvs.

Anyway, I just went to pick up my winnings from z1077. I won: "Greatest Hits: My Prerogative" (2 copies), "Destiny Fulfilled," and some of Beyonce's perfume, True Star (which is to be shipped to Chicago). So anyway, I got there, and she handed me my stuff and I was like, "Don't I get 2 of these? (Britney's CD)" and she was like, "No, I only go by what I have" so uh, I couldn't really do anything. Ugh, whatever. I'll fight back.

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Now, I'm going to try be as un-dramatic as possible when saying this...

It's pointless to hide such an insignificant fact about me...especially when people undoubtedly has their suspicions. It's pointless for me to even care what people think. But I did -- and that's why this has never came out (to most) until now. Here we go, folks: I'm gay. Woo. Now, don't go jumping out of your seat and screaming down the streets because, well, there's nothing revolutionary about it (that's a quote, and you-who-said-it, I love you). I'm sure everyone's had their suspicions and now I'm just giving confirmation. Anyway, why it's such a big deal, I'm not sure. But it is. Maybe it's 'cause I'm growing up in a "Christian" household where anything of the sort is "disgusting," "stupid," "ridiculous," or "hateful" -- but there's something that's prevented me from saying it. (By the way, I realize this is stupid outlet for me to say this, but this is just to be informative to those I haven't yet told. Those who I truly care about got "the talk" in person). And let me tell you, not letting that out has SUCKED. For the past however-many-years, I've felt so...pointless? I felt it was pointless to, not necessarily live a lie (trying not to be dramatic, remember?), but something like that. I felt like I wasn't be honest with not only myself but anyone I talked to. If you would really like to know how I felt, why don't you download Kelly Clarkson's "Beautiful Disaster," preferably the live performance. It really captures how I felt this past year/year and half-ish. But now this is all out in the open, it's something I've got to live with and I'm willing to live with. Thanks for listening to my blabber. Support is appreciated, but not necessary. :p

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I'm so happy. Maybe I'll come out and say why later O:-)

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I should really learn not to try to have a good day. Aye.

Sorry that I haven't updated recently (not that you care, I'm just apologetic). A lot's been going on (for once). My mom moved. Well, she's moving right now. Last time she called she was in New Mexico, on her way to Utah. What surprised me was how un-upset I was when I said bye. I was fine. Completely fine. Then, of course, that night I came home, couldn't sleep and cried a bit. I'm going to miss her so much. The idea of moving with her has crossed my mind so many times it's not even funny.

On Sunday, my mom's house was empty but she wasn't moving 'til Monday morning, so she stayed with her friend that night. Her friend's son, Dustin, has like...3 or 4 friends in Chicago and he asked for my number and said if he ever gets a couple days off, we'll go. Exciting, huh? Yes, it is!

Ahh, and last but not least: "Greatest Hits: My Prerogative" came out today. My dad needed to go by Wal-Mart on his way home to pick up a tire (?) so I was like "Alright, I'll get it here." So then I go look for it, and I found the CD. It's so shiny! Anyhow, I was looking frantically for the DVD and I couldn't find it! This gay black guy came up to me and asked if I needed any help. So I asked him where the DVD was. He was like, "Oh! I just saw it...let me see" then he started looking. He couldn't find it. He asked one of his other co-workers "Where's the Britney DVD?" "In a box?" They look through a box. Did they find it? Nope. So THEY asked more co-workers and FINALLY they found it. Before though, they were like, "Oh, we must've put it back in the back. Maybe it's been recalled!" But yeah, I got it. And I was overhearing their conversations and I heard "Christina ain't got nothin' on Britney!" Smiled and walked away, I did.

The DVD is confusing as hell, but the all B&W version of "My Prerogative" <3

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Argh. I'm sick...again. This weekend I've had a bit of a cold. That wasn't really buggin' me, I could live through that. But last night, after doing NOTHING for Halloween by the way, I went to bed early. And by early, that's like...10PM? But at around 2 in the morning, I woke up. I felt horrible. Sick to my stomach. I turned on my stomach to see if I'd feel better after a few minutes. I didn't. I got up, went to the bathroom where I then threw up. Aye, you don't need visuals, but I don't know why I feel like shit. I'd felt fine all day (with the exception of the regular sneezes and coughs) so I don't know what's wrong with me. Maybe it's the flu? I don't really know how to decipher between the two. Oh well.

So yesterday was my mom's last day at church. It's really become a family for her, and it was a very emotional leave for her. My step-dad plays in the church band (bass), so she knew them too -- it was a big deal leaving the church. She'd gone for nearly four years. Hell, I was sad. It was cool though that Phil came up to them and said bye and wished them luck. Oh Phil. <3

Oh yeah, and I got some new dumbbells and the best pair of CK jeans. I freakin' love 'em. :D

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Ah, the neglected Louis Johnson: Live Journal.

UMMM! I have nothing to say...what's new? :p Um...I got "The O.C." DVD which was originally $70, got it on sale plus my bro's discount, so it was like...$38? $40? I dunno...not THAT bad though. I love the DVD. It's great re-living...okay, this is not an infomercial. (?)

Uh, tonight the Cardinals lost the World Series. Like Mandy said, just be happy they even got to go and were able to be #1 in the league. That's quite impressive. There's like a hundred teams that DIDN'T get to go (Yankees, Cubs, bless their hearts (?)) so I should be happy my team got to. Edmonds and Pujols played a good game. Too bad we didn't get to score. :p But now I don't have to worry about devoting my days to baseball games and I can focus on other things. O:-)

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I'm missing my icon selection. :\ Oh well.

My LiveJournal Trick-or-Treat Haul
lowg goes trick-or-treating, dressed up as Kevin.
eternalfury gives you 19 white peach-flavoured pieces of taffy.
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xxbrokensuicide gives you 14 dark blue chocolate-flavoured jelly beans.
lowg ends up with 85 pieces of candy.
Go trick-or-treating! Username:
Another fun meme brought to you by rfreebern.

Mmmmmm...I know who I'm sharing my candy with.


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